How to Fix Sending or Receiving AOL Email Issues

If you are not able to send or receive emails then this can hamper your productivity and quite frustrating as well. However, AOL mail is quite secure and reliable in that matter but some issue can pop up here and there. It does not happen too often that’s why many people haven’t experienced that. But people who have experienced such an error in AOL operations can turn to us for help. We have curated a solution for all those who face this bizarre yet typical issue in their AOL mail account. Contacting AOL support phone number can also be a great idea if you are looking for a quick and lightning fast solution to your problem. Anyway, let’s have a look at how we can fix the AOL mail sending a receiving issue. But first, let’s have a look at why this issue occurs in AOL mail. Reasons for AOL mail sending and receiving the issue Here are few reasons why your AOL mail is able to send or receive emails.
1. Your browser is not compatible with AOL mail. 2. Few filters in AOL mail stopping you from sending new emails. 3. You may have blocked that particular sender by mistake. 4. Your browser has too many cookies and cache. 5. Some add-on in the browser is interrupting AOL mail.
6. If you are using it on any third party clients like Outlook or Thunderbird then the configuration might not be right.
Now, we will look for the solution of AOL mail issues. How to fix AOL mail not sending or receiving Here are few things that you can try to fix the issue if your issue still persists then you need to contact AOL customer service number. 1. Internet connection – Check if your device is connected to the internet properly. 2. Make sure that your AOL account is not deactivated due to inactivity. 3. There is a thing called delivery delay which might delay your incoming messages, wait for some time or try sending the email from a different account. 4. Browsers cache – If you are using the AOL mail on a web browser then you must delete the cache and cookies of the browser. 5. You can also try disabling the firewall for your computer and then try to send new emails. 6. Make sure that you don’t have any contacts on your block list. 7. You can also check the settings of your email client if you are using one. 8. Contact AOL support – If nothing seems to be working for you then you must contact AOL support number and get their help.


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